MUXE is a blockchain powered decentralized ERC20 based smart contract system for transactions

We are a group of developers who created a new token called MUXE (ERC20 based) using cryptocurrency to make the world of Real Estate accessible for everyone. We are a multi-functional, experienced and skilled worldwide team that offers a low-threshold solution in online Real Estate marketing. By lowering high placement costs and in many cases making them free, we offer a competitive advantage to customers who place their property on our website. Next to that, we do not only focus on specific countries. We have a global vision and want to minify the world!

By using the technology of the future, we are eliminating the ambiguity of using central systems that cost time, energy, and most importantly: money. We are making sure that our clients are not paying the fees of the old system. This helps both buyer and seller save their hard-earned money. Using the MUXE Tokens as the medium of exchange the buyer and seller can choose whether to keep the tokens for future sale or trade them in at an exchange for their respected value into whatever currency they choose.


published on:February 24, 2018