Earn Crypto - US Based Investment and Affiliate Opportunity Earn passive income weekly on your investment and grow with compounding. By sharing our platform with others you can earn additional profits to grow your own trading balance! DON’T MISS THE LARGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN Bitcoin is the internet of money. Unlike the internet, you can actually own part of the emerging financial network. Countries, corporations and institutions are dabbling but mass adaption is starting to force their hand. There are 60 Million millionaires in the world and only 21 million bitcoin available. If you have not already started we can help you begin building a crypto portfolio right now. WE HELP OUR MEMBERS EARN LIKE THE WEALTHIEST PEOPLE HAVE FOR DECADES. Through an even modest investment of a few hundred dollars in crypto at Novatech FX you can grow a significant nest egg for yourself and your family in three to five years. The professional traders do all the work and have all of the stress. Profits on average over three years of 3.2% per week. Compounded it grows exponentially but you can withdraw some or all at any time. Help build college funds. Create a downpayment for a home. Pay off credit cards and live debt free. OPTIONAL REFERRAL PROGRAM - COMPARED TO MLM AND OTHER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Any money you invest grows rather than collect dust in your kitchen or garage. You do not need to recruit people to earn weekly income. You earn the first week even if you do not recruit anyone. You have access to your money any time. No monthly minimums just a simple $25 monthly trading administration fee until you reach $25,000 in your trading account. Only one product to learn rather than a full ever changing catalog of products. Unlike buying more product, any additional money you add to your account earns more weekly. You earn weekly commissions from your referrals even if they do not purchase more. Disclaimer: The information shared in this post is not to be considered as financial advice. We are members and not financial advisors, and we are merely sharing our personal experience of this opportunity. There is no guarantee that you will experience any of the same results. There is no cost and no risk to talk with us or to ask for more information. Fill out that form and let’s talk about changing your future. Most people do not really understand the NovaTech FX business plan which is an affiliate referral program and investment opportunity, and how it is remarkably different from all traditional MLM Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing business plans. After working with a few of the biggest names in the MLM and Network Marketing industry over the past thirty years and now as a member of NovaTech FX I would like to point out some of the most important differences that set NovaTech FX apart from traditional multilevel marketing MLM companies and network marketing companies. Here is a quick summary of the top 15 ways NovaTech FX and traditional MLM or network marketing companies differ: Novatech vs MLM If you would like to learn more about the NovaTech FX investment opportunity or the optional passive income referral program, please fill out the Contact form and someone will follow up to answer questions. You can also watch a video about the investment opportunity and the trading program and meet the CEO here: NovaTech FX . If you are ready to start earning and have crypto ready to fund your account you can also simply Open Account NOVATECH FX VS MULTI LEVEL MARKETING MLM OPPORTUNITIES Many people have asked me about NovaTech FX and expressed uncertainty or concern because they have either struggled with an MLM experience in the past or have a general dislike for the traditional MLM concept. So, I thought I would break down some of the key difference as I see them and the reasons why I decided to get involved with NovaTech FX. DISCLAIMER The information shared in this post is not to be considered as financial advice. As members of NovaTech FX, we are not financial advisors, and we are merely sharing our personal experience of this opportunity. There is no guarantee that you will experience any of the same results. 1. IS THERE A COST TO JOIN NOVATECH FX There's no cost to open an account or start a referral business with NovaTech FX. In most other MLMs that I’ve researched or been a part of, there is some type of hard cost and upfront fees to get involved in the business. With NovaTech FX, all it takes is a simple crypto deposit of about $300 to $500(no limit on how much you can deposit) and after 30 days a monthly trading administration fee of $25. You can withdraw your crypto anytime you want with minimal fees, no lockup periods and no challenges. If you need money or no longer want to be a part of the company you just take your crypto back, plus whatever growth you've earned from the daily trading results. 2. IS THERE A MONTHLY MINIMUM SPEND TO EARN INCOME? One of the next questions is often "Is there a monthly minimum spend required to earn income”? In most MLM companies, you need to spend a minimum amount of money every month to reach a certain threshold in order to qualify to earn downline bonuses. In NovaTech FX, there are no monthly minimums. You deposit crypto initially to open the account with any amount you are comfortable with and then add more if and when you want to increase your returns. You have the option to just put crypto in one time, let is grow with time and never add any more without the stress of another monthly commitment beyond the $25 trading fee. That was really appealing to me. 3. DO YOU NEED TO SPEND TIME HELPING PEOPLE ORDER PRODUCTS? Another common questions is, do you spend time helping people order products? In most network marketing companies and MLMs, a lot of the time is spent coaching people on what products to buy and why to buy them, making adjustments and changes to product ordering, etc. and coaching customers on nutrition. I realize a lot of people thoroughly enjoy it and that's why they do it. That's why they get involved in their MLM, because they love talking about nutritional products or whatever it the company sells. For me, that's not what I like to do. I like to help people make money and find financial freedom. I do not want to spend a lot of time being a nutritional counselor when I'm not qualified to do it and manage other people’s personal diet choices. That is why NovaTech FX is a good fit for me. 4. DOES THE COMPANY ONLY HAVE ONE PRODUCT TO LEARN? “Does the company have only one product you need to learn”? In NovaTech FX there's one product. It's managed crypto trading and there's not a whole lot to learn about it. You can if you want to but you do not need to know a lot about crypto currencies to be involved with Novatech FX. In MLM, generally there are multiple products and in many cases there are massive catalogs of products and the company is always introducing new products that you need to study, learn and promote. 5. DO YOU EARN ONGOING INTEREST ON ALL PURCHASES? Do you earn ongoing referral bonuses on all purchases or just the initial deposit? Yes, in NovaTech FX you earn ongoing daily trading profits on all crypto that you deposit into your account plus you earn bonuses on crypto deposits from anyone that you introduce to the business. Whether they just deposit their crypto as an investor only or they become a business builder and refer hundreds of people, you earn bonuses off of all of their weekly profits provided the company traders produce a profit for the week. In my experience you do not earn ongoing commissions on purchases in traditional MLM and Network Marketing companies. Generally, people need to reorder and buy more product. When someone buys a box of protein powder, you get your commission on it. You never earn any additional commission on that box of protein powder. NovaTech FX is unique and so attractive in this way. You earn ongoing residual income every week on the initial crypto deposit from your team, any additional crypto deposits they make and their weekly profits if they compound. It's very exciting, uplifting and inspiring. 6. DO PURCHASES YOU MAKE CREATE A NEST EGG? “Do any purchases you make create a financial nest egg?” With MLMs, no. Maybe you're building a residual income or you might have a really nice ongoing client customer base but you do not have a nest egg. With NovaTech FX, you put crypto into your account and it compounds weekly and continues to grow from the daily trading profits. I wanted to grow my financial nest egg and I like to help other people build their retirement funds and retire with dignity, financial freedom and peace of mind. That is something that I can do in NovaTech FX that I could never do in MLM. 7. IS THERE A CHANCE YOUR PURCHASES WILL 10X OR 100X? In a traditional MLM, obviously that's not going to happen. There are a lot of people that believe for sure Bitcoin will 10x and many others believe it will 100x from where it is right now. If you hold some Bitcoin you may benefit from that growth over time. The professional traders at Novatech FX have been producing approximately 3.20% profit on average per week for three years through all of the ups and downs of Bitcoin and crypto. This is why I believe it is good to have both Novatech FX and Bitcoin. 8. CAN A CUSTOMER BUY $100,000 IN B.V. IN ONE DAY? “Can a customer buy $100,000 in Business Volume or B.V in one day?” This is probably one of the most important aspects that separates NovaTech FX from traditional MLM opportunities in my opinion. In MLM, it will never happen. Unless you are selling Bugatti’s, and I have yet to see a Bugatti MLM or a Ferrari MLM, there is no way that one customer can place a $100,000 order in one day. With NovaTech FX, I've already seen it happen a number of times. I've already seen someone open an account at NovaTech FX with $100,000 initial Bitcoin deposit. Another opened an account with $40,000 and then added another $40,000 in Bitcoin a few months later. This allows for exponential growth that I personally never experienced in a traditional MLM. 9. DO YOU GET PAID RECURRING BONUS ON ALL PURCHASES? With a traditional MLM, when someone becomes a customer and purchases a piece of jewelry or some essential oils or whatever it is, you receive a commission. And that's pretty much the end of it unless they reorder or they sign up for a service with an ongoing monthly charge. But even with that as soon as they stop paying that monthly charge your commission ends. With NovaTech FX, and again this is really important, when someone you personally refer deposits $10,000 in crypto into their Novatech FX account, you make commission off that $10,000 every single week as long as they do not take it out of their account. Just off one initial investment you get paid every single week. As that $10,000 compounds weekly and their crypto trading balance grows, your commission goes up. Again, this is mind-boggling! It is so different and so incredibly powerful. 10. DO YOU GET PAID ON FULL CUSTOMER PURCHASE AMOUNT? In my experience, most MLM and network marketing companies pay their members commission on a reduced amount and not the full sale price. It's called “Business Volume or B.V for short and it can be anywhere between 50% or 80% of what customers actually spend or deposit. With NovaTech FX it is 100%. You get paid in full on the entire customer deposit and any subsequent deposits. 11. IF CUSTOMERS STOP ORDERING DO YOU STILL EARN? In MLMs the answer is generally no. If a customer stops ordering, they don't flush out of your business, they don't go away, but if they don't order you don't get paid. In NovaTech FX, if they stop ordering, or in this case do not add any new crypto you still get paid every week on their trading balance profits if the company shows a profit for that week. 12. CAN YOU USE THE DOLLARS YOU BUY PRODUCTS WITH TO PAY BILL? “Can you use the dollars you buy product with to pay bills at a later date in an MLM?” This is one of the most amazing and powerful aspects of NovaTech FX that separates it completely from traditional MLM and network marketing opportunities. When you buy $500 worth of protein shakes or $1,000 worth of essential oils, you do not have the option to use that money to pay bills if you get short on cash. With NovaTech FX, you deposit crypto and at any time you can take your crypto out and pay bills. The primary goal and the brand promise of NovaTech FX is to grow your crypto trading balance and increase your weekly profits. With NovaTech FX if you ever need some extra cash to pay bills or a medical emergency you can withdraw some or all of it at any time and convert back to fiat currency or move it to a company that provides loans against crypto currencies. This avoids the need to track and pay capital gains tax on the sale and potential loss in future gains in the crypto value. Minimal withdrawal fees, no penalties and no lockup periods. 13. DOES THE COMPANY HAVE AN ETHICAL AND INSPIRING MISSION? Most MLMs that I know about have a very inspiring mission. They help millions of people earn an additional income and some the ability replace their job so they can work at home and be with their families and live the life that they dream. Many MLM and network marketing companies support charities and sponsor sports teams and donate money to initiatives they are passionate about. It is all really good. NovaTech FX is doing many of the same things already. It is inspiring to be a part of a company that is dedicated to banking the unbanked and ending poverty in the world and many other worthy causes beyond financial freedom. WE HELP PEOPLE EARN $30,000 - $50,000 PER MONTH At Crypto Dreams we help individuals and small business owners, non-profits and institutions we are passionate about and individuals earn $30,000 to $50,000 per month in ongoing residual income and retire with financial peace of mind and dignity. If you would like to learn more about the NovaTech FX opportunity or the optional passive income referral program, please fill out the Contact form and someone will follow up to answer your questions. You can also watch a video about the Bitcoin trading program here. NovaTech FX You can also simply Open Account here if you know you are ready to grow your crypto portfolio. Copyright material. All rights reserved. Crypto Dreams 2022 .

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