We are the first company in Germany to actively increase Bitcoin acceptance and offer you a nationwide and unbeatable offer. With our service you can carelessly accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. We set up a point of sale (POS) add-on for you, introduce you and your employees to the subject, and ensure a smooth process.

The cryptocurrency industry is currently experiencing a strong boom. More and more currencies are entering the market and bringing all participants with exorbitant profits. The pioneer of these currencies is the Bitcoin. However, without the appropriate acceptance in the economy, the value is limited.

It is clearly a municipal goal to increase Bitcoin acceptance worldwide.

Acceptance of cryptocurrencies is increasing worldwide and this innovative technology is slowly being used in Germany as well. Large companies have long recognized the potential behind Blockchain technology and are already doing intensive research in these areas. Bitcoin is already considered by many to be the money of the Internet and countries like Japan have already recognized Bitcoin as the official currency.

The Bitcoin25 service for Point of Sale customers includes three packages with a total of 10 different services. The expert from our team professionally assesses the point of sale, recommends a package as needed and takes care of further steps. You get from our expert

The complete system explains how to accept Bitcoins, how to pay off the revenue, how to explain it to your customers and answer every question. On an iPad Mini, enter the amount and a QR code will be generated. As part of our package, we publish the new acceptance point on Facebook and register it with Coinmap.


published on:March 06, 2018