Case Study 1

Subject :- From Zero to 100 signups in 3 months !

Rob willimson contacted us to promote his Opportunity called SAGIDIS LIMITED .

SAGIDIS is a NFT based Legit and very popular opportunity but Rob tried to promote it but failed to get even a single signup !

Rob was very Stressed and Desperate to make money from SAGIDIS Opportunity . So , Our team researched the opportunity and found out it was 100% Legit . So We accepted Rob Willimson as our Client .


Our Expert Suggested that Rob's Opportunity should be a Part of Our Top company listing as well .

So we Listed Rob's Opportunity to our Banner ad and made some beautiful blog posts and listed his opportunity in our Crypto company Section . So within the next 90 days , Rob got 104 Signups and made over $27,000 . So , Now Rob is our Permanent Client and promoting his 3 different Opportunities with us !

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