100% Gold plus Asset Backed Token doublejack.world

100% Gold plus Asset Backed Token doublejack.world

The first 100% Gold backed plus real asset backed iGaming doublejack (DJCK) token.


Introducing the world’s leading 100% Gold plus asset-backed iGaming doublejack (DJCK) token, that was designed to shake up the world of online gaming. With a limited supply and on track to go above and beyond, our unicorn company is inviting you to join us on our journey towards success in 190 countries. As a DJCK token holder, you’ll be part of the house, where the odds are always in your favor. Get ready to explore a whole new world of possibilities with this exciting new venture towards becoming the leading Fintech app.

About doublejack

doublejack.online is an i-gaming portal that operates in over 190 countries. doublejack has an active philanthropic affiliate program that shares profits between affiliates and charities, providing sustainable incomes while giving back to society.


doublejack, utilizing fintech and blockchain, presents the dual-backed DJCK Token. This innovative asset combines 1% of doublejack’s total revenue with the enduring value of gold, securing the token’s stability and growth in the volatile world of digital currencies.

Regulatory Framework

doublejack is fully committed to operating in full compliance with all applicable regulations, protecting the interests of investors, and providing a secure and transparent environment for the operation of the DJCK Token and doublejack as a whole.

Valuation Fundamentals

doublejack’s valuation fundamentals are based on their mission to transform the igaming industry by combining online gaming with philanthropy, offering a unique philanthropic affiliate partnership program that splits profits between affiliates and charities.

Executive Summary

The DJCK Token is fully regulated and is an asset-backed token built on the Stellar blockchain which is an ISO 20022-certified blockchain that provides maximum fungibility and the ability to earn commissions through referrals on the platform.

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program by sharing your personal link in order to earn a lucrative commission of 1% on every sale you refer, with no limit on how much you can earn, and enjoy the benefits of being part of the growing doublejack community in over 195 countries.

Dual Asset Backing

In the evolving landscape of digital currencies, doublejack has pioneered a revolutionary model that combines two time-honored tenets of value preservation and growth: Gold and Revenue Backing. These two elements act as the foundation of our DJCK token, providing a unique blend of stability, security, and potential for growth.

The DJCK token is backed by both the value of gold, an asset that has been a consistent store of value throughout human history, and by the thriving business operations of the doublejack platforms. This dual asset backing strategy is a first in the digital currency world, offering token holders an unprecedented level of assurance and potential for return on their investment.

Gold serves as an enduring store of value, providing a stable, counter-cyclical safeguard that has been recognized worldwide for centuries. The DJCK token leverages this characteristic of gold, making it an attractive option for those seeking the dynamism of a digital asset coupled with the stability of gold. This is made possible through the OSGT (Orbiko Solutions Gold Token) which represents stored physical gold in top-tier, high-security vaults.




published on:September 18, 2023

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