Hello, and welcome! We are thrilled to have you here. Your presence means our goals are likely in harmony. Welcome to BICHON DEFENDER, inspired by the cute yet protective Bichon Frise dog. Our mission is for BICHON DEFENDER to become not just our legacy, but yours too.

Beacon of Hope: Creating a thriving community where members stake their claim in future wealth.
Supportive Environment: When doubt and defeat start to creep in, BICHON DEFENDER will be here, strong and supportive.
Attainable Wealth: We want every member to know that wealth and community are both attainable and sustainable.

Let’s embark on this prosperous journey with BICHON DEFENDER!

Heart of the Community

BichonDefender embodies the spirit and heart of both people and our beloved, often overlooked, and underappreciated dogs. These loyal companions are always there for us, showering us with unconditional love. We believe that behind every great person is the heart of a dog. It’s time to build trust, motivate, and inspire our community. BichonDefender, our heart is your heart. Let’s rally together and make a difference.


Key Features and Offerings:

Elevating Accountability in the Crypto Presale Process - Bichondefender aggressive deflationary mechanism process will last 12 months and stop. we estimate token price low end 1.36. Price will increase shortly after launch our community our moon !!

  • You are in control 24 hours before the first exchange launch. You will be given three unique claim options. Our favorite option you benefit an all your staked token’s untouched continue earning APY. We can’t stress this enough we care entire project goal restore faith, trust and commitment. Your tokens will be airdropped see choices below for guidelines. We will provide detailed instructions when we get closer to launch.

  • Let your staked tokens continue earning APY. We pride ourselves on providing a fair option for you. When it’s time to claim you will receive a temporary token loan equivalent to staked tokens. Tokens will give you oppertunity to participate in exchange first launch. 48 hours after launch, keep your gains and deposit all Loaned tokens ending your loan.

  • Claim all staked tokens and rewards transferred to your wallet and participate in the exchange launch.

  • Leave your tokens staked and follow the release schedule. Once release schedule has completed you can simple leave tokens staked or claim at any time your choice. Option three my favorite choice wealth transfer Process starts. Unique first of its kind Wallet Security Features

The times has come the reality is now. Introducing the new currently in development first of it kinds Defender AI Crypto Wallet. We are tired of so many community members wallet drained from scams. To give you peace of mind bichondefender has you back even while you SLEEP.

  • First of its kind security feature FREEZE all Solana-only cryptocurrency in your wallet

  • Activate multi-signature protocols

  • Enable two-factor authentication

  • Push notification authentication to prevent scam messages. Broadcasted message are secure not a scam

  • Monitor tools that constantly monitors blockchain for any suspicious unauthorized transfers attempts

  • Utilizing Token-2022 Comprehensive security measures to protect your assets



published on:June 26, 2024

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