BlockSpot: Connect with The Memecoin community

BlockSpot: Connect with The Memecoin community

BlockSpot is the Ethereum L2 designed for builders and users to grow as the network grows. Part of the OP Superchain


BlockSpot is the Ethereum L2 designed for builders and users to grow as the network grows. Part of the OP Superchain


BlockSpot wants to bring people together to cooperate. Work towards a common goal, be part of something and get rewarded for your contribution.


BlockSpot is revolutionizing the chain mechanics to create a more rewarding and equitable environment for both users and builders.

BlockSpot                SEQUENCER
REVENUE                 (SFS)

It’s all about growing together. Any user, developer or protocol who refers others to Mode will earn a proportion of their network sequencer fees, for life.

Any developer who deploys applications that grow the network will forever receive a proportion of network sequencer fees that come from their smart contract.



published on:November 15, 2023

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