GROODLE: meme coin on a mission!

GROODLE: meme coin on a mission!

GROODLE Token is a memecoin that supports the overall development and sustainability to a brighter future of all creatures big and small and the world that we live in.

GROODLE, the meme coin with a mission!

We’re pioneering the fusion of crypto and philanthropy, setting a new standard for giving in the digital age.

Our vision

To create an ecosystem where donations are facilitated by crypto, propelling and directing future digital funds to much needed causes.

Groodle aims its future furrlanthrophic efforts towards animal welfare and environmental sustainability by investor nominated and led awareness for localised problems that need solving whilst teaming up with niche charities, influencers, and grassroots leaders to make swift action and remarkable results. 

Join us in shifting the paradigm with purpose-led meme coins and crypto, let’s invest in a future we can all lead with integrity and kindness. 


A self governing decentralised charity protocol (Go Fund Me) – for not for profit nominations.

GROODLE helps everyone create their own fund me page that the community can vote and donate to, all without the requirement of coding expertise.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all of our donators that use our GROODLE ecosystem. GROODLE will implement strict KYC and verification procedures to deter dangerous and bad actors from entering our platform and withdrawing unverified funds.

What we hold dear is that the community feels protected and can have the confidence that GROODLE is a safe platform to donate through and make a real world change.


GOVERNANCE VOTING: Holders can participate in decision-making processes, including voting on sustainability projects, animal welfare initiatives, and community driven grants.

STAKING & REWARDS: Holders earn GROODLE tokens as rewards for holding/staking their tokens in the ecosystem, and interacting with various platform functions.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: GROODLE tokens can be used to participate in go fund me voting, animal welfare campaigns, & educational workshops.

DONATIONS: Holders can use GROODLE to donate (fund me) not for profit sustainability projects such as animal rescue centers, and wildlife conservation efforts.



published on:April 27, 2024

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