Introducing LottoDay The Global Gaming Opportunity

Introducing LottoDay The Global Gaming Opportunity

LottoDay presents an incredible opportunity for individuals worldwide to be a part of the first-ever global lottery presale. With $30 million worth of NFTs up for grabs, participants can gain ownership rights to the revenue share of Lotto Day, the planet's largest decentralized gaming platform. This revolutionary platform is set to transform the lottery industry by uniting countries and continents like never before.

The sheer size of the lottery industry is staggering, with an annual market worth $450 billion. That means every person on Earth spends approximately $50 on lottery tickets each year. The United States contributes $100 billion, Latin America $17 billion, Europe $130 billion, Asia $200 billion, and Africa $3 billion. Astoundingly, the USA alone sells 137.4 million tickets per day. However, until now, there hasn't been a worldwide gaming platform capable of bringing together players from across the globe.

Enter LottoDay, the solution to this problem. This groundbreaking platform is available on all major blockchains, catering to over 1 billion users. Whether you're on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, or Ultron, LottoDay has got you covered. Additionally, it is accessible to 3.6 billion mobile users through the Google Play Store and App Store. Simply download the app, and you're just a click away from experiencing the excitement of the lottery, with the convenience of paying via credit card.

What sets LottoDay apart is its commitment to rewarding players. Traditional lotteries have odds of winning at approximately one in every 27 tickets, but LottoDay improves those odds significantly. With every 7th ticket purchased, you are guaranteed a winning ticket. This means greater profitability and more frequent rewards for players.

LottoDay offers more than just lotteries. The platform hosts a wide range of casino games, including bingo, keno, prediction markets, horse racing, dog racing, roulette, betting, poker, and scratch games. By catering to popular games within the gaming community, LottoDay ensures there's something for everyone. In fact, the platform has already partnered with a publicly traded company boasting 4 million customers, who will help promote LottoDay games to their user base.

The LottoDay presale is an exclusive opportunity available to owners of the Gaming Hub NFTs. By owning these NFTs, you become a co-owner of the intellectual property rights of the entire LottoDay software. A portion of the revenue from each ticket sold, specifically 10%, is shared among Gaming Hub NFT holders based on their total revenue share points allocation. This allows participants to enjoy ongoing rewards as the platform thrives.

The potential rewards are enticing. For instance, with just $3 per ticket, anyone can participate and stand a chance to win significant payouts. The Gaming Hub NFTs range from the Lucky Ape, priced at 100 USDT, to the Mighty Dragon, priced at 30,000 USDT. These NFTs not only feature captivating graphics but also provide daily payouts in USDT. The amount of payout depends on the specific NFT owned, with the higher-priced NFTs offering the possibility of even greater rewards.

LottoDay is already built and audited by Certic, a reputable auditing company in the crypto space. It operates on five blockchains, ensuring a seamless and secure gaming experience. With anonymity and payouts in USDT, LottoDay prioritizes privacy and convenience for its users.

This is a golden opportunity to join the LottoDay revolution and potentially win substantial rewards. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the first-ever global lottery presale. Download the app, secure your Gaming Hub NFT, and get ready to embark on an exciting gaming journey with LottoDay.


published on:June 08, 2023

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