MetaGoblin NFTs Powered by MetaBlaze

MetaGoblin NFTs Powered by MetaBlaze

In the year 2126, after centuries of unrest, the age of technological singularity led to civil war amongst factions of cybernetic armies.

All MetaBlaze products, be it the games, the NFT characters, the artwork, and/or the experiences, follow a narrative of most epic proportions – the storytelling of the peoples of Galaxia Blue – a distant and mysterious place marked with heroism, villainy, adventure, technology, war, love, humor, violence, kindness, and most importantly, Hope (SPES).

Oftentimes referred to as “The Three”, each MetaGoblin King represents one of the MetaGoblin classes. The Mystical MetaGoblin King is Klep-Tu. The Epic MetaGoblin King is Fieragort, and the Legendary MetaGoblin King is Goblorn. All Kings display equal prowess in the form of SPES Petal attunement, and all Kings may perform the same actions of the MetaGoblin classes they preside over – though Kings do have the highest chance of achieving superior outcomes when crafting

Only 100 MetaGoblins hold the title of Legendary, having earned the most prestigious moniker by performing beyond admirably in MetaGoblin society. All 100 Legendary MetaGoblins volunteered to travel to the SES Moon – a mission motivated by desperation and a sheer will to save the MetaGoblin society from extinction. Like all MetaGoblins, Legendary MetaGoblins can command lesser Goblins, can achieve even greater success when crafting items, and are even more attuned with the SPES flower than the Epic and Mystical MetaGoblins.

1,000 MetaGoblins were given the title of Epic. Epic MetaGoblins are more likely to craft higher quality items, and display a stronger alignment with the SPES Flower and its numerous capabilities. Epic MetaGoblins achieved their title by displaying exceptional character, leadership skills, and discipline. An Epic MetaGoblin is able to work longer and harder before requiring rest. Like all MetaGoblins, Epics can lead teams of lesser Goblins in mines and other instances, and can upgrade their team

The 8,897 Mystical MetaGoblins are the backbone of MetaGoblin society. All MetaGoblins are natural crafters – with the Mystical MetaGoblins serving as the largest population of elite crafters on Planet Glozark. Like all MetaGoblins, Mysticals are able to manage lesser Goblins under their employ to assist them in their endeavors. While under their employ, Goblins may be upgraded to perform additional functions on behalf of their MetaGoblin leader. It is no small honor to be given the title of ‘Mystical’, and all MetaGoblins who don it do so with immense pride

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published on:December 24, 2022

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