Pepe Intelligence

Pepe Intelligence


Unleash FOMO with the ultimate memecoin! While dog coins had their moment, it's now Pepe's time to shine as the most meme-worthy cryptocurrency in existence. Don't miss out on the hype! #$Pepeintelligence


Hey, fellow moon chaser! ? Wave goodbye to the dog coin drama that's bleeding wallets and say hello to the next big thing – $PEPIN We're not just any coin; we're a meme sensation gearing up to dominate the market.

No utility, no problem! We're here for the sheer thrill of the meme game, and Pepe isn't here to watch, he's here to pump! No affiliations with Matt Furie, no cuckery – just pure meme coin magic.

Load up on $PEPIN and let the memetic power propel us to the moon and beyond. Forget those endless derivative Inu coins; Pepe is taking back the meme throne. Launched stealthily, no presale, zero taxes, LP burnt, and contract renounced – $PEPIN is the people's coin, forever. Get ready for the ultimate memecoin revolution!  #$PEPIN #$Pepeintelligence 

How to buy ?

1. Ensure possession of a compatible wallet, with Solflare and Phantom being recommended choices.

2. Confirm the availability of SOL funds to cover gas fees. 

3. Access the Radium link to be directed to the swap or manually copy the contract. 

4. Execute the swap process to convert SOL to $PEPIN, and subsequently, observe the presence of the tokens in your wallet. 

5. Exercise caution by exclusively utilizing our official contract, accessible solely through our official website or Telegram channel linked on our website.


published on:January 10, 2024

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