RSF singular focus is preserving capital while maximizing returns and minimizing risk.

RSF invests in single property transactions, multiple property portfolios, and real estate-related operating companies. The firm acquires and operates properties for its own account and actively invests in transactions with joint venture operating partners and third party borrowers.

All major commercial real estate asset classes located throughout the United States are eligible for investment consideration including office, warehouse/industrial, retail, apartments, hotel/resort, land, for-sale residential, and mixed-use properties.

Our PRI commitments include incorporating ESG factors into our investment decisions, starting with the due diligence of potential investments through to the exit process. We tailor ESG due diligence to each investment, and we create post-investment remediation plans for material ESG considerations. For all potential investments, we use internal experts and a variety of ESG frameworks to identify material ESG factors and utilize external consultants where appropriate.

 This analysis includes everything from ensuring environmental, legal and regulatory compliance to the identification of opportunities to add value or mitigate risk in our portfolio. Our investment teams use an ESG due diligence guideline to ensure consideration of material ESG risks and opportunities. These teams then provide a detailed memorandum to the Investment Committee outlining the merits of the transaction and disclosures relating to risks, including material ESG issues, and potential mitigation strategies. All investments made by RSF must be approved by the Investment Committee and must incorporate ESG matters into their evaluation, including anti-bribery and corruption, health and safety, and other ESG considerations.

Successful commercial investing depends on thorough analysis, not whimsical prediction. RSF believes good fortune in investing is the product of good thinking. The firm’s goal is to apply disciplined bottom-up analytical procedures, sophisticated legal and financial structures, and proactive asset management to transactions that possess a value-oriented investment thesis.

RSF has been a national leader in the commercial private equity industry. The firm combines a vast origination platform, a disciplined investment strategy, and highly experienced professionals to generate risk-adjusted investment returns that rank RSF among the top performers within its field.

The RSF holdings Buyout Funds’ portfolio can be qualified as ‘asset light’ and the most material environmental indicator for many companies is electricity usage. Several early movers among the portfolio companies are developing detailed climate strategies by setting Carbon Neutral targets (e.g. Wehkamp and TietoEvry) or committing to Science-based targets (e.g. Thoughtworks). There are also several initiatives underway to reduce complexity, waste and natural resource consumption,, focusing on waste reduction, reuse and recycling in particular.

The RSF holdings Funds’ portfolio companies employ almost 1,000+ people (both indirectly) and with this comes a responsibility to ensure that processes and practices are in place across the portfolio to support the well being of the workforce. Through collecting multiple indicators on the employee base and its wellbeing, RSF holdings is able to highlight key best practices and also areas where more focus is required. One of these topics is the inclusion and diversity profile of the RSF holdings portfolio companies.

RSF holdings believes that good corporate governance is the foundation of effective corporate management. Virtually all companies have a code of conduct and/or a code of ethics which guides their business activities. Portfolio companies that are new or which have historically had less focus on governance are actively encouraged to adopt appropriate codes and processes within the first year of investment.

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published on:December 12, 2022

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