RebelCoin (RBL) Cryptocurrency It is time to Rebel!

RebelCoin (RBL) Cryptocurrency It is time to Rebel!

RebelCoin is the newest store of value coin on the brand new rebel blockchain.  If you missed out on Bitcoin, now is the time to get in!

Join the RebelCoin Revolution and experience true decentralized finance. Secure, frictionless and worldwide crypto transactions. Don’t miss out on a second chance to get in early!

RebelCoin The newest opportunity for freedom!

With inflation at record levels and banking issues affecting everyone, it's time to explore new opportunities. We developed RabelCoin because we were inspired by the freedom that Bitcoin offers its users as a decentralized option for finance.

Crypto As of 2023 it's estimated that only 4.3% of the world owns crypto

It means we are still very early in the crypto game and there is still time for you to get involved. If you think you missed out on Bitcoin, now is your chance to explore Rebelcoin.

Explore the future of Decentralization

RebelCoin works in a similar way to Bitcoin. RebelCoin is built on the Rebel Blockchain and allows users to transact in a secure and safe way.

We are building out an ecosystem that includes a payment system that can replace the current credit card model.

Inflation is at an all-time high.. A few banks have already failed. Take advantage of new ways to store financial value

We were inspired by Bitcoin’s mission and wanted to build something similar.  RebelCoin embraces the mantra of true decentralized finance. We are enabling worldwide crypto transactions that are safe, secure and frictionless. For those who missed out on jumping in on Bitcoin, we offer you another chance to get involved early.

Our current technology to start with RebelCoin

01. Create Your Wallet

Our RebelCoin wallet is currently available for PC/Mac/Linux download or we offer a web version. iOS and Android coming soon.

02. Our Mining Pool

Research or join our mining pool to take advantage of our RebelCoin blockchain

03. Blockchain Explorer

Our blockchain explorer will give you a transparent view of all transactions that are executing on the Rebel blockchain


Explore our Technology Including our wallet, mining pool and explorer

Our powerful RebelCoin wallet and marketplace

We are excited to be building our new wallet app that will allow users to easily interact with RebelCoin and monitor its status on your iPhone and Android devices.

·         Wallet access

·         Buy and trade crypto

·         Mining and technical info

·         RebelCard management

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the market cap of The Earn Wallet has experienced remarkable growth, increasing from 6k to 600k in just six months. In the last 30 days alone, the market cap has surged by an impressive 5000%, showcasing the rapid and substantial success of the platform.



published on:December 02, 2023

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