True Crypto Signals

True Crypto Signals

True Crypto Signals is a one-stop shop of trade signals, daily news alerts, and a full online course that will transform how you trade. We have helped hundreds of people to make significant gains, all by seizing the recurrent opportunities that crypto provides. Over the past few months alone, we have sent out buy and sell-short signals that have been extremely lucrative for our participants. These signals have included buy/sell short signals for XHV, APE, SUSHI, AGLD, CTSI, LUNA, FTM, MATIC, ETC, for 30%+ gains. For example, AGLD was up 48% since our signal to buy, ETC was up 33% since our signal to buy, MATIC was up 32% since our signal to buy, and the list goes on. There are highly technical tools, techniques and strategies that we use to determine when a crypto coin is going to break out, and when it is going to fall dramatically in price. Breakouts to the upside are also known as “parabolic rises”, “pumps”, “moon-ing”, and “short squeezes”. A big reason that breakouts to the upside happen is because there is so much volume going into an asset in a short amount of time, that short-sellers become forced to cover their positions, and there are no new shorters (because it would obviously be a nonsensical move to short sell when a positive breakout is about to happen). With a high volume of buyers, and no more short-sellers, and prior short-sellers buying that asset to cover their position, the price increase momentum explodes. Breakouts to the downside happen for very similar reasons. It’s typically three reasons that combine to make the effect of a breakout to the downside: (1) There are too few buyers. (2) The current owners of the asset are selling their positions. (3) There are an increasing number of people selling the asset short. Enrolling in our course grants you automatic access to our Signals channel. Our signals channel is the most loved feature of our offerings among our participants, and we believe it will add immense value to your trading and the growth of your capital. this course was priced at $200 instead of thousands. By applying this Promo Code: MEHDI78625, You can get a 25% discount and save $50. This course comes as a package with one year’s worth of Trading Signals and Daily News Alerts. (Trading Signals alone are worth thousands on their own) Promo Code: MEHDI78625


published on:September 21, 2022

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