Unlocking the Future of Secure Crypto Trading with ZebtX Welcome to the revolutionary era of crypto trading, where trust and security take center stage. ZebtX is leading the charge to eliminate fraudulent activities and rebuild confidence in the crypto market. 

Join us on this mission by investing now and becoming a valued partner in our commitment to transparency and security.

  ZebtX Escrow Services: Setting a New Standard in Security Our primary objective is to raise funds for developing a cutting-edge platform with state-of-the-art escrow services. This ensures unparalleled security for buyers in the dynamic crypto space. 

Key Features: 

1. Dedicated Escrow Officers: A team of escrow officers will monitor all transactions, swiftly resolving any issues.

 2. Safe & Secure Transactions: Buyers can inspect products/services before approving escrow release, ensuring a secure transaction process.

 3. Minimal Fees: We believe in fair pricing. ZebtX charges only 0.50% for holding your tokens for up to 12 hours – a record low fee in the market. 

 Our Roadmap: Building the Future Together

  Stage 1: (Q4 2023) - First recruitment round: 21/11/23 - Token creation - Presale launch 

 Stage 2: (Q1 2024)- Second recruitment round: 1/1/24 - Launch of the main site - Launch of Escrow application 

Stage 3: (Q2 2024)- Third recruitment round: 1/3/24 - Token launch to the market (Binance, Uniswap & more) on 1/4/24 

  How to Buy ZBX Tokens?

 1. Connect Your Wallet: Click the connect button, and your default wallet (like Metamask/Trust Wallet) will seamlessly connect. 

2. Select Your Payment Method: ZBX tokens can be purchased with ETH or USDT. Ensure you have enough gas fees to cover the transactions. 

3. Claim Your Tokens: After purchasing, wait for the claim period to start post-presale, redeeming your ZBX tokens from the token claim dashboard. Join us on this exciting journey towards a safer, transparent, and prosperous crypto future with ZebtX!



published on:November 23, 2023

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